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Lowes Windows Sun Screen Repair

Aluminum:Durable, long-lasting, for all screen projects, in bright or charcoal finish.

Fiberglass: Easy to install, for all screen projects, in gray or charcoal finish.

Clear Advantage: Greater visibility and airflow than standard screen, least noticeable, greatest curb appeal.

Pool and Patio: Stronger fiberglass screening for larger openings like porches.

Solar Screen: Blocks the sun’s heat and glare, saves on air conditioning cost, prevents upholstery and carpet from fading.

Pet D-Fence: Extra strong, resists damage by household pets.

Select a Screen Frame

If you have an existing frame, you'll need to replace the spline too. If you don't have an existing screen frame, you'll need to build a new one.

Existing Frame

A flexible cord, called spline, holds the screen in place when rolled into the groove (channel) of the screen frame with a screen tool. It's available in gray and black. Black is used with charcoal fiberglass and aluminum. Gray is used with bright aluminum and gray fiberglass. The best way to ensure correct spline sizing is to bring a sample of your old spline and match it.

For a firmer hold, purchase spline in the next-largest diameter. If you purchase spline that's slightly too large, simply hold one end and pull gently to stretch the spline thinner as you roll it into the channel. The spline will return to its original shape for greater holding power.

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