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Outdoor Windows Sun Screen

By providing sufficient windows we try to capture as much light as possible into our homes. Because the intensity of natural light depends on the weather, season and time of day, and the desired comfort level in our home remains constant, managing natural light becomes more important.

Uncontrolled penetration of sunlight and the over-abundance of natural light – in summer – can seriously disrupt the indoor comfort by overheating (greenhouse effect), glare, discoloration of furniture and reflections on TV and computer screens.

Thermal comfort

The composition of the facades and the roof of a building and the orientation of the glass windows are the foundations of overheating. The more glass on the south façade, the greater the chance of overheating.

To prevent overheating outdoor sun protection is the only good solution because it prevents the heat radiation of the window and so reach the indoors space.

That is not only required in homes with lots of glass on the south, but especially in homes with relatively much glass on the west. Especially in the summer, the low afternoon sun can easily lead to overheating.

Visual Comfort

In most cases visual comfort must fulfil the following requirements:
Letting in sufficient natural light to reduce the use of artificial light.
Retaining the view outside while avoiding looking in and preventing reflections.

Aesthetic Comfort

In addition to these essential functional values, most types of outdoor sun protection fabrics also have an important aesthetic impact on your building. The sun protection fabric can be manufactured in a whole range of design colours. Pictures with digital printing are also possible. An informed choice will therefore ensure that your energy efficient home looks at its best!

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