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Aluminum Windows Sun Screen Frame Material

Helpful glossary for any window replacement or door replacement project for your home.

Apron A piece of window trim attached to the wall underneath the interior stool (interior sill).

Argon Gas An inert, nontoxic gas (denser than air) used between window panes to insulate by reducing heat transfer.

Astragal A component fastened to one sash/panel of a gliding window or patio door that becomes the closing shoulder of the operating sash/panel. Its function is similar to a mull post.

Hinged at the top, opens outward from the bottom with a crank, push bar, or manually operated using pressure hinges.
Balance Also called balancer. Mechanical device used on double-hung windows to counterbalance the weight of each sash during opening and closing. There are four balances in a double-hung window.

Three or more window units attached together to project outward from a building wall. Bay angles vary; most common are 30°, 45° and 90°. Units can be the same or a combination of stationary and operating windows.

Bottom Rail The bottom horizontal component of a window sash that supports the weight of the glass.

A composite of four or more window units in a radial or bow formation.

Brickmould A milled wood trim piece that covers the gap between the window frame and the exterior of the building. On traditional wood windows, the brick mould is nailed through to attach the window to the wall.

Capstock Various materials used to coat wood, vinyl, metal, composite or other building materials. Provides a durable layer that protects against environmental exposure such as ultraviolet light.

Hinged top and/or bottom, may pivot inward or outward, and opens with a bar or manual crank.

Casing Brickmould Trim, usually milled wood, attached to the interior wall around a window to cover the space between the window frame and the wall.

Check Rail The horizontal middle rails that meet where the sash come together and lock on a double-hung window. Upper check rail refers to the bottom rail of the upper sash and lower check rail refers to the top rail of the lower sash. Also called meeting rail.

Coil Stock A sheet (usually prefinished aluminum), commonly packaged 12 to 30 inches wide on a 50-foot roll. Used for external covering and trim, shaped and cut using a brake.

Composite A solid material composed of two or more substances.

Condensation Water vapor from the air deposited on any surface having a temperature below the dew point, e.g., humid indoor air on cold window glass.

Conduction The transfer of heat through a solid material, where heat flows to a lower-temperature area from a higher-temperature area.

Convection The transfer of heat through a fluid material such as air due to differences in fluid density and the effects of gravity.

Divided Light A window having several small glass panes held in place by muntins within the window sash.

Double Glazing Two panes (or lites) of glass separated by an insulating space in a window or patio door. They may be individual panels or a sealed unit. The dry, airtight space between the panes minimizes condensation and provides excellent insulation properties.

Two movable sash that slide up and down independently.

Drip Cap A Type of flashing, often made from sheet metals, installed at the head of a window or door and extending to the exterior claddings. Used to divert water to the exterior or block the flow of water into the gap between the head jamb of a window or door and the wall. (See Flashing.)

Egress A window opening providing a secondary means of escape or rescue in an emergency. Various state or local codes have restrictions affecting the clear opening height and width a window must possess if it is a designated egress window.

Energy Rating Energy performance as affected by the energy efficiency of the framing, weatherstrip, and window glazing. Set by the National Fenestration Rating Council.

ENERGY STAR® Certification Program An Environmental Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) certification program for NFRC windows that are 30% or more energy efficient above Model Energy Code standards. Renewal by Andersen® windows are rated ENERGY STAR qualified.

Extension Jamb A wood trim accessory that fills the space between the innermost edge of the window and the interior wall face.

Extrusion The process of forcing heated materials such as aluminum or vinyl through a die to produce specified shapes.

Fenestration Term used to refer to window and door products and accessories.

An Andersen patented structural composite of wood fiber and specially formulated thermoplastic polymer. Polymer surrounds and coats each fiber, providing moisture resistance and superior strength and rigidity.

Fixed Light A glass pane installed in a non-operational frame.

Fixed Panel A non-operational panel in a gliding window or a href=" ">sliding glass door.

Fixed Window A window having no operational sash. (i.e. a picture window)

Flanker A window set on either or both sides of a center unit (usually a picture unit).

Flashing Material such as sheet metal installed to shed water away from joints.

Full-Frame Replacement Replacement method where the entire old window is removed and replaced with a Renewal by Andersen® window.

Fusion Weld A manufacturing process for fusing sash or frame components together. The lineal ends are thermally softened with a hot plate, then welded to form a structural bond. Used in vinyl window manufacture and the manufacture of Renewal by Andersen products.

Gas Fill Gas, typically argon or krypton, is placed between glazing panels to suppress conduction and convection (reduce the U-Factor).

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