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Aluminum Windows Sun Screen Frame Replacement

Replacement windows range in cost from several hundred to several thousands of dollars, depending on whether you choose vinyl or aluminum windows and additional features, like awnings, glass types, styles, grid patterns and shapes.

The cost of replacement windows can vary significantly based on the type of window and complexity of the installation, ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $1, 000. Angie's List members report paying an average of $729 per replacement window, including installation, according to recent reports. The most expensive window replacement cost — according to recent Angie's List member reviews — is in New York City, where the average price is $1, 579 per window; the least expensive is in Cookeville, Tennessee, with an average cost of $624.

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Homeowners planning to stay a while in their homes should avoid buying low-performing windows, like low-end vinyl and single-pane windows, which won’t offer much long-term energy savings. Windows should clearly display the energy performance ratings for heat gain and loss, air and sunlight infiltration.

A rating of .10 or lower is ideal for cold-weather climates. Energy Star-approved double-pane glass windows require a U-value (which measures the rate of heat loss) of .30 or lower.

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